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Leadership Development Workshops

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Building Personal Adaptability

Today the adage of “the only constant is change” has never been more accurate. And, the pace of change has also accelerated. Some of these changes energize and stimulate us; some of these changes bring hard times and cause negative stress. The good news is that techniques for increasing personal adaptability to change can be learned.

Participants learn strategies for becoming more flexible and maintaining a positive outlook in the face of difficulty. The format can also include a self-assessment so participants can determine their current level of stress.

workshop series

Improve Team Performance Through Feedback

Feedback is complicated: Employees want it but only if it’s good; managers dread giving it because they don’t know how. By creating a learning environment that encourages regular dialogue and simplifies reviews, you can create a feedback-centric organization and improve employee engagement. Learn guidelines and techniques for giving developmental feedback that motivates and inspires. This interactive workshop features role-play.

workshop series

Managing Conflict & Difficult Conversations

Stress is ever-present in the American workforce since cost and productivity concerns always exist. In this workshop, participants learn the modes of conflict and methods for addressing conflict and dealing with difficult conversations. Also discussed are techniques for having difficult conversations such as preparing your mindset, managing your emotions, listening, empathizing and handling poor employee reactions. This workshop features the Thomas-Kilmann conflict mode instrument.

workshop series

Top Management Team Effectiveness Workshop

This 2-day experience, based on Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, is designed to improve top management team trust and collaboration. This workshop features individual assessments, a platform for the exchange of feedback and individual views, and skill-building in the areas of building trust, mastering conflict, achieving commitment, embracing accountability and focusing on results. Participants complete a self-assessment and some reading as pre-work. In addition to top management team optimization, this protocol is recommended for breaking down organizational silos and conflict situations among top executives.
“The tumultuous and rapidly changing environment of business today requires agile, emotionally intelligent leaders who can motivate and inspire individuals and teams. For many executives, leadership has been 'learned on the job.' Unfortunately, this approach means lessons are time consuming and costly to them and their companies.”
Tracey L. Cantarutti, Ph.D., M.I.M
President and Founder of TLC Leadership Options

workshop series

Myers-Briggs for Team Building

As a Myers-Briggs Interpreter, I have designed and run team building sessions for many organizations and groups of students. Sessions include an interactive presentation of the different aspects of type, support for questions of interpretation and exercises uniquely selected to highlight the unique or challenging aspects of the client team, enabling them to better understand their differences and how to most effectively work together.

workshop series

Debriefing Presentations

Debriefing Presentations are also available for groups who have taken these assessments:

Hogan Leadership Series Assessment

EQi 2.0 Interpretation Presentation

DiSC Interpretation Presentation

Myers Briggs Type I & II

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