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Leadership Development

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”

Your people are your most important asset. Time spent helping your senior executives become more effective and productive as leaders is time well invested. Due to our extensive personal corporate experience, TLC Leadership Options consultants understand the issues and challenges of today’s senior executives. We provide executive coaching that is hands-on and practical.

High potential managers are key to employee engagement. They are charged with implementing initiatives that help the organization achieve its goals. To do this, they have to support and coach their team members.

TLC Leadership Options works with these managers to develop their self-awareness and skills such as delegation and providing feedback.

TLC Consultants are qualified to use the following instruments:

what's included

Customize Experience

After a comprehensive look at your business’ strategies and goals, our team will create a custom service path for your company. Detailed services may include:

Executive and High Potential Comprehensive Coaching (6 or 12 mos.)

TLC Leadership Options Executive Coaching process is designed to help individuals to enhance their leadership ability, get in touch with their values, and ultimately to create more options for future success. We assist executives to unlock their full leadership potential. We do this by identifying and leveraging unique strengths, addressing personal growth areas, practicing new behaviors and identifying the passions that inspire executives to do their best work. A typical coaching process includes 1 or 2 executive assessments, 360 interviews, feedback, a series of coaching sessions and individual development planning. In addition to individual coaching, group sessions or seminars are also available.

360° leader assessment and interpretation for individuals and groups

Personality trait-based assessment & feedback

Individual development planning

Group development coaching and planning

Action Learning design and facilitation

Leadership Development for Cross-Cultural Awareness

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seeking more success?
Additional Services Include:
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This a MUST to rapidly address business issues. More that 50% of all work now involves team-based activity. Read more about how we can help you empower and engage teams for high performance.

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Helping you foresee change and navigate your way through it. Many businesses have been the victim of digital disruption. We can help you explore the issues and facilitate development of robust strategies to address the future.

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TLC Leadership Development Workshops are designed as hands-on learning experiences that address team dynamics and performance. Workshops can be conducted onsite and customized to your specific needs.

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