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We are happy to present you with articles on topics that are often of interest to clients. We hope you find the information useful for yourself or to pass on to others.

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The word BIAS written in large black letters by a hand holding a pen on notebook paper

If You Want to Make the Best Decisions, Check for Bias

Leaders are decision-makers. It is natural that a leader wants to make the best decisions possible. In teaching decision-making at the MBA level, we discuss decision-traps like sunk-cost fallacy and how our mental models can shape our decisions in ways we might not be aware of. Another word for mental model is bias. A best practice for decision-making then is to recognize unconscious bias and do our best to eliminate it.  What is Bias and Why Worry About It? Let’s start with the fact that we ALL have biases – it’s inescapable. Biases arise from our belonging, or not, to many different

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